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Provinces of Pakistan

Balochistan: History, Geography

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If you consider size, then Baluchistan snatches the title of being largest Province of Pakistan. Spread over a land area of 347190 square kilometers, it makes up 43.65% of Pakistan total land mass.

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Khabar Pakhtoonkhwa or NWFP is the 4th Province of Pakistan that is the center of ancient culture and civilization. This Province is the centre of trade for the entire country, that’s why businessmen from all over Pakistan prefer it.
Sindh: Culture and History of Sindh Pakistan

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Sindh (????) is one of the four federating units of Pakistan. It is famous for its rich heritage, old feudal culture, historical, monuments and tomb and urban charm of Karachi.
History of Punjab Pakistan

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Punjab (?????) is the biggest province of Pakistan by population. Meaning of Punjab is “Land of five Rivers” (???? ???????? ??????). History of Punjab Pakistan in Urdu explains its geography, its districts information, its important or historical places, its weather, climate and its crops.