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Most Dangerous Animals in the World

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Where the animals in the world contribute to the beauty and charm, some of them are fatal to life as well. Today's article surrounds...

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On 26th November 1964, Pakistan Television aired its first show from the Lahore Station. Pakistan imported experimental Japanese technological equipment for initiating this. The...
Balochistan: History, Geography

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If you consider size, then Baluchistan snatches the title of being largest Province of Pakistan. Spread over a land area of 347190 square kilometers, it makes up 43.65% of Pakistan total land mass.

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After independence, Karachi was named the capital of Pakistan. It was named capital mainly because it was the biggest city of Pakistan. However, capital was shifted from Karachi to newly built city Islamabad in 1964. It was built during the era of General Ayub Khan. The history and culture of Islamabad are related to that of the Indus Valley and Potohar Plateau.
Pakistan Railway

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Pakistan Railways was established before the independence of Pakistan. It was almost complete in the last decade of 19th century in sub-continent by the then rulers of India.
Largest Island in the World

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Island is a geographical term which refers to a land mass surrounded by water. Very small Island are by islets. Biggest Island of the world in Urdu is an informative article which explains the length, location and spatiality of these Islands in Urdu language.

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Jam-e-masjid Delhi is the largest mosque/masjid of India which was built in 1656 during the reign of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. This huge and beautiful masjid is the masterpiece of Mughal architecture. You can see its long Minarets from long distance in the Delhi city.
Lahore History

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Lahore is a metropolitan city of Pakistan. It is provincial capital of Punjab and one of the largest cities of Pakistan

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The surface area of Libya is 679536 square miles and the total population is 5 million. Its borders connect with Egypt in the east, Al Jazair in the west, Nigeria and Sudan in the south and Tunis in the North West. The capital of this country is Trablus.
History Of Baitul Muqaddas

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King David (Hazrat Daud A.S) founded the city of Jerusalem and holy places which was further taken care by his son King Solomon (Hazrat Sulaiman A.S). Most of the times, the city of Jerusalem is known by Muslims as “Bait-ul-Muqqadas” (holy house or place).
History Of Ghar-E-Hira

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Cave of Hira is three km away in the north-east of the city of Mecca. It is opposite to the famous mountain of Jabal-al-Shabeer. The cave is about 3.6 m long and 1.60 m wide.
Al Azhar University History

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In the past, university word was used for the higher Islamic education providing institutions in the Muslim culture. The topic is narrated here in concern of Jamia Al Azhar history. Now the word university is considered as the latest scientific education providing institution.

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Faisalabad is the ancient city of Punjab that was discovered in 1892 by a British Sir Charles James Lyal and because of him was firstly called Lyallpur. It is the third biggest city of Pakistan after Karachi and Lahore and because of its industrial development Faisalabad is named as "Manchester of Asia".
History and Culture of Turkey

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One-step in Europe and one-step in Asia, Turkey is the most fascinating study of harmony in diversity. It is the third largest Islamic country after Iran and Pakistan. It is located in the center of Asia and Europe. After going through this passage and the article attached in Urdu with it, you will confer much useful information on history and culture of Turkey in Urdu.