Home Makeup Tips for Fair Complexion in Urdu

Tips for Fair Complexion in Urdu

Tips for Fair Complexion

Most of the women seem to be eager for fair complexion and in this craze follow too many tips and use many cosmetics. Different people suggest different fair complexion tips, which are frequently applied. We are also going to give you some fair complexion home remedies that may play a vital role in converting your dream complexion to reality. The secret behind a fair complexion is just to have open body pores and it depends on following points.

  • Proper baths
  • Breathing in open air
  • Regular exercises

Avoid crowded and hot areas and sudden changes in temperature, even sitting near the fire in winter is also harmful because all these things causes in drying the skin and this affects the complexion. People who use hot water for bath also affect their color. If the water used for bath is not clean, it causes pigmentation and acne on face. Therefore, the bath must be taken with pure and clean water to avoid all these conditions. Extreme care is necessary for the choice of soap, which must be a pure and a good in quality. A pure and good soap is only which is either made of glycerin or from the floor of barley wheat. The use of barely wheat floor is much better for face and color than soap. If you intend to use the barely wheat floor, then you should make a dough of it in your hand and then spread it over your face. In weddings, the use of ubtan is also just because of getting good complexion. Except these given tips, there is no permanent way to get a fair complexion.
External fibers of skin require that natural oil for their development, which our body releases. Use of spirits can burn this oil, and in this case following lotion might be less harmful.
Glycerin and Lemon Syrup
Those people who are interested in using this tip must massage their body with this lotion after bath. Lemon syrup enhances your body complexion and the glycerin softens your skin. But according to the skin specialist the best way is the massage of body either with a leather brush or with an average napkin which will keep your body pores open and will relax you muscles and will prevent the face from pigmentation. Another way to keep facial complexion fair is the use of cold creams or the use of pure olive oil on your face. These were the some tips for fair complexion

Tips for Fair Complexion in Urdu

Tips for Fair Skin


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  1. mujha acne problem hai or spots hain face pa or mera color b dull horaha hai i need ur help plzzzzzzzzzzzzz i m very thankful to u

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