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Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

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Make up styles like other fashions and trends keep on changing; they give birth to lots of new makeup styles, ranging from smoky to...

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The common and universal belief of a beautiful lady is graded mostly as having a beautiful figure, attractive hair and face as well. The...
How to do Pedicure at Home

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In the summer the warm weather forces us to wear sandals and open shoes so in this way you have to keep the skin from your feet healthy and beautiful. Scientists have established that getting a pedicure can be really helpful.
How to Apply Eye Makeup to Make Eyes Look Bigger

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First it is important to know that your eyes are a great place to begin to express yourself. Adding color to the eyes will automatically draw attention to them. So every women needs to know the secrets To Applying Eye Make Up To Make Their Eyes Look Bigger.
Homemade Face Mask In Summer

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Summer season brings lot of skin problems especially for the girls who have relatively sensitive skin to men. In winter season, skin of girls becomes dry and loses its charm while in summer season it becomes rough and oily.
How to Make Eyebrows ?

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Eyes makeup is incomplete without eyebrows makeup. The eyebrows are the most important feature of the eyes; a good makeup on eyebrows can make...
Hair Style In Summer

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To do your hair is such a difficult task in summers because of heat and fug. People go for different hair styles in different seasons like in summers they prefer to tie their hair and in winter they prefer to choose open hair style.
Tips to Always have Soft Lips

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Lively and soft lips make our face look fresh and attractive. There are several factors which lead to lifeless and crackled lips which surely...
Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

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Make up is a necessary thing for a woman to carry. If you have got normal black eyes and similar hair color then it...
Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

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Girls who have got brown eyes can do a lot of makeup experimentation with their eyes. Brown eyes have got the beauty in them...
Lipstick Tips for Small or Thin Lips

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Lipstick makes your lips look brighter and more prominent. They make the beauty of your lips appear to be more charming than it really...
Fashion Tips for Women

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Women of all sects and background have always been noticed involved in the growing interest of shopping and fashion. No matter from where the...
Lips Care Home Remedies

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Lips are the most soft and sensitive part of the face. Everybody wants pink and soft lips. Dark and chapped lips are Common lip...
Eyeliner MakeUp Tips

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Eyeliner is used to darken the edges of the eyes while mascara gives a glowing touch to the eyes. Right application technique is needed to make effective use of eyeliner and mascara during makeup